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Hi, I'm Nicolas, a game programmer from switzerland. I'm a student at the SAE Institute of Geneva in my last year of game programming. I'm mostly doing school project and game jams. Most of my project are around AI and procedural content generation but my final goal is to be an engine programmer.

Here you can see most of my projects than can be separated in 3 categories; Schools project, jams and personnal. I also try to write some articles that wary between designing systems, implementation or even some post mortems. If you want to talk or have more precise information on some of my project, you can contact me.


Group movement and avoidance


  • Bachelor project of 4 months
  • Implementation of ORCA systems
  • 10'000 agents moving at the same time
  • 100% Unity Dots

Bachelor project about AI pathfinding and dynamic avoidance of groups.

Specialization project at school where we made an home made 3d engine in c++ that could run a game on the Nintendo Switch.

Pok Project


  • Implementation of a custom engine from scratch
  • Decision of the overall architecture
  • Code review for every membre of the team
  • Acting as the lead programmer and the lead engine
  • Up to 15 programmers at the same time

Space Infestation


  • 3D level generation using delaunay triangulation
  • Runtime mesh generation for optimization
  • Shader for texture painting in runtime
  • I was the lead project and the lead programer

Group project where we made a 3D space ship procedural interior proceduraly generated.

It's a 3 months school project where we made a city builder with dwarfs.



  • Behavior tree and pathfinding implementation
  • Custom container
  • Targeted for optimal performance
  • I was the lead project
  • Working with a custom game engine

Don't forget


  • Jam project
  • Utilization of scripatble object
  • Custom event system

A game made with Unity during LD 41 where I implemented a event system using scriptable objects.

Game with a priority on procedural content generation and AI

Space Dwarf


  • A* for the pathfinding
  • Level procedural generated
  • Behavior tree using scriptable object

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Latest posts

One week later

This article is a following of the previous post mortem which take place one week later. Some more works has been done during this week and I try to sum up the good and the bad.1

Published: Apr 29, 2020

AI in an ECS environnement

This project show how an AI decision-making system and the patfinding algorithms has been optimized to go from a non playable with hundreds of agents to as game which can support 10'000 agents making decisions and moving inside a city.

Published: Apr 18, 2020

How to make more in the same time?

Although it's an outdated approach, this post describe of an engine has been divided into threads and what type of problems came out of it. This can be seen as an introduction to mutlithreading and a first step into going into more modern system as job system.

Published: Apr 13, 2020

Post mortem

This is a post mortem of a 6 months school project with its ups and downs. I try to have a look from outside a purely programming point of viwe but more on a team view, taking into accounts every members and every difficulties encountered during the project.

Published: Apr 8, 2020

Particles System

This post take a look at how a particles system has been implemented inside a custom c++ engine. It also take a deeper look into somes basics optimization to do with a particle system.

Published: Apr 7, 2020